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"Scar My Guitar" on TV

We are currently filming for Television show called "Scar My Guitar". 

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Cliff Frederiksen on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 3:45 PM
I have one of your Paul Casters which is excellent but the Tele I bought from you completley knocked me out. No replacing pickups on this baby !!! This Tele growls better than the original !!!!!!!
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Niky D on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 6:24 PM
I've been Scarred....and let me tell you it is by far one of the best guitars I've ever played and owned. My "Nastycaster" is a mean machine....part strat part tele part Les Paul. Tele neck, Strat body and a pair of humbuckers make it perfect for the music I play. Sean at Scarred Guitars is not only one heck of a luthier, but a quality musician and to top it off he's a REAL person!!! I'll never buy another big box store guitar!!
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Mike Bray on Friday, July 20, 2012 5:16 PM
I am also scarred and loving my Knotty Pine strat. Thanks Scarred Guitars your awsome.
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Bob Behers on Thursday, August 02, 2012 9:21 AM
I am the proud owner of two Scarred Guitars, a Stratoscar and a TeleScar and they match up pefectly to my Fender Statocaster and Telecaster per sound and performance with one BIG difference.....COST! I have pro quality, pro sound, pro looks at a "real" working musicians cash on hand! I love my two Scarred Babies and have been gigging with them constantly since purchased. They are fine instruments of Rock N Roll! I am currently preparing to order my third custom made from these folks! GET FREAKIN'SCARRED!
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michael delawder on Monday, August 13, 2012 11:31 AM
I have registered. In the drawing for a guitar.....I need this guitar.....
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Chip Fadeley on Monday, October 01, 2012 10:24 AM
I still haven't had my professional friend look at my Scarred Guitar yet. I've had a cold the past few days. It sounds great (like an acoustic) without it being plugged in. That's a good sign. I have an acquaintance in my building who is stopping over tomorrow to hear this guitar. It turns out that he's a lefty. Do make left handed guitars? If so, can you send some pictures of the lefty model(s) and prices to me. He's afraid toying with a kit guitar. Thanks for everything.
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Michael on Sunday, November 04, 2012 3:31 PM
Hallo everybody, i would like to know if you ship to germany. Best regards. Michael
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ryan oleary on Sunday, November 11, 2012 5:44 PM
hey where do i send in a custum guitar idea?
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Matt Swart on Monday, November 12, 2012 3:09 AM
The guitars look pretty sick, and was wondering if I could get a paintjob on a guitar, and as to long long it would take to ship to Australia. Good Stuff
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dano on Thursday, November 22, 2012 5:18 PM
Just tore a tendon in my fret hand pinky, doc says good luck going back to the guitar, wondering about a precision style bass, Sunburst finish? Pricing and options? Sux but it is what it is.....
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Ester Pina on Thursday, January 10, 2013 12:17 AM
Scar My Guitar! Sounds really interesting to me! I want to in details concerning this TV show. Serve more news regarding this show. Thanks!
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Noelia Lonzo on Saturday, January 12, 2013 2:33 AM
Interesting and enjoyable information about "Scar My Guitar" on TV. That is chance for me to enjoy this. Please update information about this.
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Stephanie bolhmann on Sunday, January 13, 2013 6:06 AM
Simply pleased through knowing this post about Television show that is really fantastic and I like this information. Thanks a lot. Keep it up ! :)
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fender american standard telecaster on Saturday, August 31, 2013 5:01 AM
Quite good that was! I always look forward to see this sort of shows from where I can get some sort of entertainment about music. So I hope that you will do better in future and hopefully I will get lot more interest from your show. Thanks
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Claudia on Saturday, October 05, 2013 8:00 AM
Really, that's amazing!! Please let me know in which channel Scar my Guitar show is airing. I'm excited to watch the show. Music and guitar related all things are favorite. Thanks.
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John L Elliott on Friday, October 11, 2013 9:10 AM
Cant wait for the pilot! I am glad the network execs came to their senses!! The very best of luck, I remain Scarred for life!!
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Kyle Harter on Friday, December 06, 2013 11:22 AM
I'm about as Scarred as it gets! My stepdaughter and I built a kit strat of Sean's, my daughter has a tele, my wife has a knotty pine Paulocaster and I have 2 les pauls and a strat beater that Sean built. Couldn't be happier with my bro's work! I swear by him and any more guitar purchases made will be Scarred Guitars!
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Niky D on Friday, December 06, 2013 12:43 PM
Here's a clip of me using my "Nastycazter" from Scarred Guitars!!
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Ken Strong on Friday, December 06, 2013 3:17 PM
Best guitar I have ever had! Scarred for life. Best investment you can make.
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